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Story of handicapped mountain climber filmed

Story of Iranian young man, who defied disability and became mountain climber, is being turned into documentary.

The story of an Iranian young man, who defied his disability and ultimately became a mountain climber, has been turning into a documentary.

Mehdi Havasi, who has a disability in leg, has always been fond of mountains.

His life has changed completely after he met a doctor in one of his mountain climbing tours.

The young man from Iranian city of Ilam has become a successful mountain climber, an entrepreneur, and a rock climbing coach.

The inspirational story of Havasi pushed Iranian director Ehsan Kamarkhani to make a documentary on the young man, who managed to reach the peak of a mountain and erect a sign reading “God has not created a disabled person.”

Speaking about the reason behind selecting such a subject, the director said Havasi is a real model for a national hero who has had hope in the middle of despair, and has managed to overcome his disability after undergoing eight surgeries over the course of two years.

Kamarkhani is set to wrap up the filming of the middle-length documentary titled ‘Mountain Boy’, which began about two years ago, during the upcoming months.