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Iranian stars following in their fathers’ footsteps

Footstep-following is relatively common in cinema, but only those with real talent succeed.

Children often choose to enter their parents’ career when they grow up. The footstep-following is relatively common in the field of cinema, but only those who have a real talent may succeed.

Iranian cinema is full of celebrities who have proved they are talented just like their parents.

1- Bijan Banafsheh-Khah

You may know Bijan Banafsheh-Khah for his roles in the series ‘Medical Building’ and ‘Pejman’.

Bijan, is the son of the veteran actor Reza Banafsheh-Khah, who has participated in several movies and series, including ‘The Tenants', 'Father', and 'Fear’s Reward'.

2- Iraj Nozari

The popular actor Iraj Nozari also inherited the talent of acting from his father Manouchehr Nozari.

Iraj has taken part in the series 'Passenger from India', 'Coma' and 'Hereafter', among others.


3- Sam Qaribian

Acting also runs in the blood of Sam Qaribian, the son of the veteran actor Faramarz Qaribian, who is best known for his role in 'Day of Envy' and 'Lean on the Wind'.

4- Pendar Akbari

Pendar Akbari, who gained fame when he appeared in the series ‘The Fifth Sun', also followed in the footsteps of his father Abdolreza Akbari, who played roles in successful series such as ‘Operation 125’, ‘Solace of the Heart’, and ‘Passion to Fly’.

5- Borzou Arjmand

Borzou Arjmand, who is known for his roles in the series 'The Man of Two Thousand Faces' and 'Kimia', is the son of late actor Anoushiravan Arjmand.

Talent is apparently deeply rooted in the family of Borzou as his uncle is the famous actor, Daryoush Arjmand.

6- Poulad Kimiaee

Poulad Kimiaee, whose father is the prominent actor Masoud Kimiaee, also entered the field from an early age.

Poulad, the 40-year-old actor starred in the series ‘Matador’.

After about 30 years of acting, Poulad followed in the footsteps of his father and made his first film ‘Reverse’ in 2019.

7- Sina Mehrad

‘Father’ star Sina Mehrad, whose birth name is Sina Soheili, is the son of the filmmaker and screenwriter Saeed Soheili.

Saeed’s elder son, Saed, is also a famous actor.