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Films from 18 countries to vie at Kish Mowj

Films from 18 countries are shortlisted to be screened at the 4th Kish Mowj Int'l Film Festival in Iran.

Films from 18 countries have been shortlisted to go on screen at the 4th edition of the Kish Mowj International Film Festival in Iran.

Twenty foreign films were selected to take part in the festival’s international competition section.

They include films from Sweden, Iraq, Morocco, Spain, Tanzania, Ukraine, the US, France, Lebanon, Colombia, Ghana, Austria, Syria, Peru, India, Mexico, Greece, and Norway.

Some 41 films, including feature films and documentaries, from Iran will also take part in the festival’s national competition section.

The 4th edition of the Kish Mowj International Film Festival, headed by Ebrahim Hesari, will be held on the Persian Gulf's Kish Island on February 16-19.

The festival aims at encouraging artists and filmmakers to produce cinematic works, introducing new talents, and providing the opportunity for Iranian and foreign filmmakers to interact.