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Iran’s unique abodes astonish every visitor

Iran is home to accommodations that can suit every tourist's needs including those who are up to a new and quite unique experience of strange yet impressive residence.

Various unconventional hotels have been constructed in Iran, providing accommodations for guests who are eager for a new experience.

1- Eskimo-style Shemshak Tourist Hotel

The pictures show the unique design of the accommodation, which is located in the capital, Tehran.

The snow-like hotel is located in the heart of the mountains with the idea of designing the hotel originating from the ice-covered Eskimo igloos.

It also enjoys a unique interior design.


2- Zein-o-din Caravanserai, the only circular caravanserai

The Zein-o-din Caravanserai lies on the Silk Road in Mehriz Country of Yazd Province. It dates back to the Safavid era.

Most caravanserais in Iran dating back to the Safavid era look very much alike, but Zein-o-din is unique because of its circular design.

It has 36 rooms, a restaurant and a circular roof.

It is a good choice for travelers who are interested in traditional accommodations.


3- Dorna Nomadic Ecocamp

Dorna Nomadic Ecocamp is located in Ardabil Province. It is a mix of traditional and modern architecture.

It has been built with local materials and inspired by the history and culture of Azeri Turks and Shahsoon tribes in order to cause the least environmental damage.


4- Laleh Hotel, rocky hotel concealed in the heart of mountains

The rocky hotel of Laleh which lies in the heart of a mountainous area in Kandovan Village of East Azerbaijan Province is another unique accommodation.

Other traditional hotels which have been built in the village also enjoy this important feature as guests have to cross stone paths to reach them and live in houses, which were dug in the heart of the mountains.

It will be a new experience for tourists.