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Iran’s revolutionary song made during military curfew

Iranian music piece ‘Iran, Iran’ sung by Reza Rouygari was made during military curfew.

Iranian music piece ‘Iran, Iran’ sung by ifilm star of ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’, Reza Rouygari, was composed during military imposed curfew.

During the months leading to the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, the nation’s opposition became more vocal and forceful and so did the suppression measures the Pahlavi regime took.

Hand in hands with the majority of the people who took it to the streets and rebelled, the artists resisted the tyranny of the Shah in their own way. They put together poems, revolutionary chants, etc.

One the most memorable chants of the time that still continues to resonate with Iranian nation is a piece titled ‘Iran, Iran’ which was made under severe military curfew.

Fereydoun Khoshnod who composed the song said during an interview that he and Reza Rouygri made this piece alone, because no one dared to accompany them. He added that the ‘Allah is Great’ uttered by the people on their rooftops sounded like a symphony and that triggered him into making this work.

He went on saying that the SAVAK agents followed him and Rouygari to the studio; therefore, they chanted ‘Allah, Allah’ the chorus part of the music being scared.