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Iran’s unorthodox hotels: Part 2

Iran has unusual hotels that provide travelers with the opportunity to experience new atmosphere.

Iran has unusual hotels that provide travelers with the opportunity to experience a new atmosphere.

Last week, ifilm website listed a number of larger-than-life hotels that welcome guests in a different space.

In this part of the report, we would like to introduce to you four new hotels.

1- Qaleganj Hotel, luxury huts

The hotel is located in the county of Qaleganj in Kerman Province.

The design of Qaleganj Hotel was inspired by the simple rural cottages, also known as Kapars, which are common in Iran’s desert cities.

The county of Qaleganj is the first region in Iran to witness the construction of such a hotel.

Kapars are characterized by their domed ceilings.

The rooms of the hotel are made of the same materials as Kapars, including wicker and bricks.

Such hotels are now being constructed in other cities in Iran.


2-Komeh Forest Huts

Wooden huts have been established in some of Iran’s forests in order to enable travelers, who are fond of nature, to climb up to their treehouses and enjoy the rustling of leaves.

Komeh forest huts, which lie in Behshahr City in Mazandaran Province, are one of those unconventional accommodations.

Such hotels attract tourists who are interested in living in the heart of nature with no facilities.


3- Bahram Hidden Castle, underground hotel   

Bahram hidden castle is an underground hotel. It lies in Aradan County in Semnan Province.

The castle welcomes its guests with lightning fire on both sides of its gate, reminding them of entering a new world.

4- Matin Abad Desert Eco-Camp

Matin Abad Desert Eco-Camp is located in Isfahan Province. It provides its guests with various types of accommodations, including suits and tents.

Staying under the sky of the desert represents a unique experience for travelers who love the desert and its silence.

In the eco-camp, you can rest assured that the complex tries to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.