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Watch a glimpse of Saturday’s movie ‘Unfinished Lights’

ifilm English is to broadcast Iranian movie ‘Unfinished Lights’.

ifilm English is to broadcast Iranian movie ‘Unfinished Lights’.

Enjoy a touching excerpt from the film.

‘Unfinished Lights’ shows the heroic life of Iranian martyrs of the Sacred Defense and challenging situation of their friends and families especially their wives who were mostly young women at that time.

A committed and compassionate generation who always supported the men whose courage and bravery smashed the most sophisticated military tools of East and West.

Their positive and effective roles during the hardships and challenges of the war, demonstrates invaluable role models for the young generation in today’s society.

“Jalal, an author who is deeply committed to his beliefs, seeks to write about things he believes in. In a struggle to get through difficult days without putting aside his beliefs, he’s offered to write about a backpack; a backpack that tells an unwritten war story with plenty of unanswered questions,” the synopsis of the film reads.

Daryoush Arjmand, Shaqayeq Farahani and Majid Salehi star in the film as the main roles.