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Mother of martyred daughter adieu in ‘Until Morning’

ifilm presents ‘Until Morning’ cut on parents grieving for their martyred kids.

An ifilm cut from the series ‘Until Morning’ has presented the ultimate heartbreak that strikes a parent when she learns her young daughter will lose life over her beliefs.

How can parents in general, and particularly mothers, ever come into terms with outliving their children?

The issue intensifies when a mother is asked to pay the price of the bullet which will be used to take the life of her daughter over her disregard for a cruel monarch and government.

No grief in the world is like this extremely devastating experience; the hardest thing one may ever have to do in order to live long enough to see the child’s death, or martyrdom in this case.

She has spent better days of her life, through all the ups and downs, bringing up children who are supposed to live much better than she did.

Now that the life has robbed her of the chance to see her kids’ bright future, what makes her go on is perhaps the faith she has in Allah’s promised heaven to the patient people.

Her belief in the fact that her children have sacrificed their lives for a much bigger cause makes her go on.

In the process of her rightful grief and wait, she may still be hopeful in a granddaughter that is just like her daughter.

The selected cut is dedicated to the honorable memory of many mothers and their martyred children who sacrificed their lives for the Islamic Revolution to gain victory on February 11, 1979.