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39th Fajr Filmfest announces Crystal Simorgh nominees

The 39th edition of the Fajr Film Festival has announced the nominees of Simorgh Award in various sections.

The 39th edition of the Fajr Film Festival has announced the nominees of Simorgh Award  in various sections.

The list comes as below:

Best Film:

  •  ‘Piebald’
  • ‘Without Everything’
  • ‘Zalava’
  • ‘Yadoo’


Best Directing:

  • Narges Abyar for ‘Piebald’
  • Arsalan Amiri for ‘Zalava’
  • Mehdi Jafari for ‘Yadoo’
  • Mohsen Gharaee for ‘Without Everything’


Best Script:

  • Arsalan Amiri, Aida Panahandeh and Tahmineh Bahram for ‘Zalava’
  • Arash Anisi for ‘Mom’
  • Arsalan Amiri, Aida Panahandeh for ‘Ti Ti’


Best Actress in a Leading Role:

  • Roya Afshar for ‘Mom’
  • Setareh Pesyani for ‘Yadoo’
  • Elnaz Habibi for ‘Emad and Tuba’s Romanticism’
  • Melisa Zakeri for ‘Setareh Bazi’
  • Elnaz Shakerdoust for ‘Piebald’
  • Nazanin Farahani for ‘Expediency’


Best Actor in a Leading Role:

  • Parviz Parastouee for  ‘Without Everything’
  • Navid Pourfaraj for ‘Zalava’
  • Mohsen Tanabandeh for  ‘Once Upon a Time, Abadan’
  • Milad Soveilovi for ‘Yadoo’
  • Reza Attaran for ‘Roshan’
  • Amir Norouzi for ‘Mom


Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

  • Azita Hajian for '180 Degree Rule'
  • Elham Shafiee for ‘Once Upon a Time, Abadan’
  • Gelareh Abbasi ‘Piebald’
  • Giti Moeeni for ‘Piebald’


Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

  • Erfan Ebrahimi for ‘Mom’
  • Pejman Jamshidi for ‘Shishlik’
  • Pouria Rahimi-Sam for ‘Zalava’
  • Vahid Rahbani for ‘Expediency’
  • Pedram Sharifi for ‘Without Everything’


Best Cinematography:

  • Mohammad Rasouli for ‘Zalava’
  • Masoud Salami for ‘Once Upon a Time, Abadan’
  • Farshad Mohammadi for ‘Ti Ti’
  • Morteza Najafi for ‘Roshan’ and ‘Yedu’
  • Morteza Hodaee for ‘Without Everything’


Best Editing:

  • Emad Khodabakhsh for ‘Without Everything’
  • Emad Khodabakhsh for ‘Gijgah’
  • Siavash Kordjan for ‘Expediency’
  • Meisam Molaee for ‘Yadoo’


Best Score Music:

  • Payam Azadi for ‘Emad and Tuba’s Romanticism’
  • Bamdad Afshar for ‘Yadoo’
  • Alireza Afkari for ‘Ti Ti’
  • Hamed Sabet for ‘Without Everything’
  • Fardin Khalatbari for ‘Expediency’


Best Visual Effects:

  • Mohammad Baradaran for ‘Mansour’
  • Javad Matouri for ‘Without Everything’
  • Farid Nazer-Fasihi for ‘Piebald’


Best Special Effects:

  • Arash Aghabeig for ‘Roshan’
  • Iman Karamian for ‘The Sniper’
  • Iman Karamian for ‘Yadoo’


Best Makeup Design:

  • Iman Omidvari for ‘Piebald’
  • Shahram Khalaj for ‘Shishlik’
  • Roksana Safavi for ‘Setareh Bazi’
  • Abas Abasi for ‘Yadoo’


Best Custom Design:

  • Behzad Jafari and Mohammad-Hossein Karami for ‘Shishlik’
  • Behzad Jafari for ‘Expediency’
  • Maral Jeyrani for ‘Without Everything’
  • Mohammad-Hossein Karami for ‘Zalava’


Best Scenic Design:

  • Behzad Jafari for ‘Expediency’
  • Soheil Danesh for ‘Once Upon a Time, Abadan’
  • Mohammad-Reza Shojaee for ‘Piebald’
  • Aidin Zarif for ‘Yadoo’
  • Amir-Hossein Ghodsi for ‘Without Everything’


Best Sound Record:

  • Taher Pishwaee for ‘Piebald’
  • Rashid Daneshmand for ‘Yedu’ and ‘Zalava’
  • Hadi Saed for ‘Shishlik’
  • Shahram Motevali for ‘The Sniper’
  • Amin Mirshekari for ‘Without Everything’