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Canadian GbeckFF to screen ‘SFUMATO’ from Iran

The Gbeck Future filmfest in Canada is to host Iranian doc ‘SFUMATO’.

The Gbeck Future Film Festival (GbeckFF) in Canada has scheduled to show Iranian doc ‘SFUMATO’.

Directed by Amir-Ali Mirderikvand, ‘SFUMATO’ will compete at the documentary section of the 7th GbeckFF.

The documentary narrates the story of a family who lives in a village. The oldest son of the family is of great support and tries to cover every need of his family. But, the boy runs into trouble and faces obstacles.

‘SFUMATO’ has won the Best Documentary Film award and the Best Director award at the 2020 Ahmedabad International Children Film Festival in India as well as the best documentary award at the 6th Primo Piano Film Festival (Premio Fausto Rossano) in Italy.

It will also go on screen at the French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival in France in February 2021.

According to the GbeckFF website, “It is a competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world, designed to discover and support young filmmakers.

The short list for the festival will be released in February 2021, and the winners will be announced in April.

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