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ifilm to air series finale for ‘Kimia’

ifilm is to air series finale ‘Kimia’ up on Tuesday evening.

ifilm’s most in-demand series ‘Kimia’ is set to wrap up on Tuesday February 09.

The finale for the 110-epidode series, directed by Javad Afshar, will hit the air at 20:00 GMT on Tuesday evening. It is also set to repeat three times the next day at 01:00, 07:00 and 12:00 all GMT times.

In the scene captured in this piece, the audience will see how a new life hazard awaits Kimia, the woman whose life has always had lots of challenges. But, this time around will she be able to tackle this problem as well, or is it the time of surrender for her?

Kimia’ is set in a very important part of Iranian history when the nation was awakened to claim their right of freedom.

In the series, one would see how the nation was guided by Imam Khomeini all the steps of the way towards the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The rest of the show details the critical events following such as the imposed Iraqi war on Iran.

Mehraveh Sharifinia, Azita Hajian, Borzou Arjmand, Gelareh Abbasi, Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani, Pouriya Poursorkh, Hassan Pourshirazi, Reza Kianian and Mehdi Pakdel are some of the cast members of the flick.

Medical Building’ directed by Soroush Sehhat is set to replace ‘Kimia’.