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Coal City Film Festival to screen Iran’s ‘Bahman’

Iranian short film ‘Bahman’ is to vie at the Coal City Film Festival in Nigeria.

Iranian short film ‘Bahman’ is set to vie at the 1st edition of Coal City Film Festival (CCFF) in Nigeria.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Bahman’, directed by Seyyed-Morteza Sabz-Qaba, will participate in the student and experimental section of CCFF.

The film is about Bahman, a movie theater in Iran.

“The cinema is cinema just when light, color, music, sound and image come to life on its white screen. When the screen is empty of images, the cinema is inanimate. Now, for years, no moving image has danced on its white screen. Bahman cinema, alone and ruined, has died in silence, in a corner of the city,” reads a synopsis for the film.

Earlier reports said Iranian animated short film ‘Not Winter’ by Hassan Mokhtari will take part in the animation section of the Nigerian event.

According to an online submission platform, the CCFF is “an opportunity for independent filmmakers and the art community at large to celebrate the beauty of the art of cinema”.

The 1st edition of Coal City Film Festival will take place on March 25-27.