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Catch glimpse of Iran’s history via ‘House of Outsiders’ +Video

ifilm English TV channel is to broadcast the series ‘House of Outsiders’ starting from Friday.

Historical series and movies help people know more about the past events and for that reason, ifilm English TV channel has decided to broadcast the series ‘House of Outsiders’  which is set more than a century ago.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Varzi, ‘House of Outsiders’ revolves around how the British government plotted to overthrow the last Qajar King Ahmad Shah to replace him with the tyrant Cossack officer Reza Khan.

Right after World War I, Britain schemed to turn Iran into another colony of its own.

If you are interested to learn more about the history of Iran, you can watch ‘House of Outsiders’ on ifilm starting from Friday.

The show will be aired daily at 19:00 GMT.

The cast members of ‘House of Outsiders’ include Mohammad Sadeqi, Saeed Nikpour, Mohammad Motee, Hossein Mahjoub, Fakhreddin Seddiq-Sharif, Rozita Ghaffari and Changiz Vosouqi.