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‘Koulbarf’ reveals photo of late actor Ali Ansarian

Filmed far from media spotlight, Iranian film ‘Koulbarf’ reveals new photo of late actor Ali Ansarian.

Directed by Milad Mansouri, ‘Koulbarf’ has revealed a new photo depicting the late Ali Ansarian, Iranian ex-footballer and actor, as a cast member.

Despite the general belief that ‘Romanticism of Emad and Touba’ directed by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh was Ansarian’s last film, the revealing photo shows that the late actor took part in Mansouri’s film.

‘Koulbarf’ was filmed far from media spotlight over a year ago and the only remaining scene was filmed last week.

Ansarian’s voice was supposed to be recorded for one of the scenes, but it is not possible after his unexpected death. Therefore, the screenplay will be slightly changed and the voice of another actor will replace his.

The late Ansarian passed away of COVID-19 on February 3 at the age of 43. His film ‘Romanticism of Emad and Touba’ was premiered at the 39th Fajr Film Festival after he left us.