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Bosnia and Herzegovina holding ‘Iranian Film Month’

Bosnia and Herzegovina is holding “Iranian Film Month”, screening four movies from Iran.

The national television of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been holding “Iranian Film Month”, screening movies from Iran.

Sayyed-Maysam Mir-Hadi, the head of Iran’s Sahar Balkan radio and television, told reporters on Wednesday that a state-run TV channel of Bosnia and Herzegovina will air four Iranian movies as part of the cultural event.

He noted that the “Iranian Film Month” began on Sunday.

According to Mir-Hadi, the four films are ‘The Corridor’ by Behrouz Shoeibi, ‘Special Line’ by Mostafa Kiaiee, ‘This Solitude’ (In khalvat tanhaee) by Saeed Ebrahimfar, and Narges Abyar’s ‘Breath’.

The Bosnian television will broadcast one of the four movies every week until the end of the event.

The “Iranian film Month” comes as part of the cooperation between the Sahar Balkan and the Bosnian national television, and aims to promote cultural ties between Tehran and Sarajevo.

Mir-Hadi noted that various Bosnian television channels are also keen to broadcast Iranian films.