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A rare look inside Tehran’s Qajar-era Nasr Theater

Step back in time to discover this gorgeous Qajar-era theater.

Nasr Theater is a landmark on Tehran's Lalehzar Street that offers visitors a rare look inside Qajar-era history.   

Situated on the Lalehzar “Tulip Fields’ Street in downtown Tehran, the Nasr Theater Hall dates back to the 1930s with a stunning motif work inside out.

With the complete closure of the Theatre Nasr in 2002, the remaining remnants of those who performed at the theatre acted to save the site from demolition.

The restoration of the project began in 2017. However, late actor Ezatollah Entezami, a giant of the Iranian cinema, was one of the patrons of the project prior to his death in August 2018 and pushed for the doors to be reopened to curious visitors.

The building has now been put on the ‘Listed building list’ created by the local municipality for building of exceptional history.