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BTS footage of Pantea Bahram role in ‘Butterfly stroke’ revealed

Iranian film ‘Butterfly stroke’ publishes behind-the-scene footage featuring Pantea Bahram.

Iranian feature film ‘Butterfly stroke’ has published behind-the-scene footage featuring Pantea Bahram.

Directed by Mohammad Kart, ‘Butterfly Stroke’ narrates the story of some ostracized people from the poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Tehran.

The people have to pretend to be strong if they want to survive the brutality of their environment.

Bahram has studied acting in the school of Arts and Literature at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting College. In 1988, she appeared in her first play and continued her academic education in performance literature.

Her powerful role in the series ‘The Passenger’ brought her nationwide fame.

Bahram has taken part in a number of series, including ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Young Officer’, ‘Under the Vestibule’, and ‘The Warped Interpretation of a Dream’.

Some top-rating Iranian actors such as Mohammad-Javad Ezzati, Mahlaqa Baqeri, Tannaz Tabatabaee and Amir Aqaee have starred in the flick.

‘Butterfly Stroke’ made its theatrical debut at the 38th Fajr Film Festival in Iran where it succeeded to bag five Crystal Simorghs. It was also selected as the most popular Audience Picks.