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Marjaneh Golchin to celebrate 52nd birthday

‘The Occupiers’ star Marjaneh Golchin is to celebrate her 52nd birthday on Saturday.

Iranian actress Marjaneh Golchin, who has appeared in the series ‘The Occupiers’, is to celebrate her 52nd birthday on Saturday.

Golchin was born in Iran's northern city of Rasht on the second day of the Persian calendar month of Esfand, which falls on Saturday this year.

She began her acting career on the stage.

In 1985, Golchin made her TV series debut with ‘Mirror’.

She has appeared in several movies, including ‘Little Bird of Happiness’, ‘The 29th Night’, ‘My Eyes for You’, ‘The Accused’ and ‘Laughter in the Rain’.

In addition to 'The Occupiers', Golchin has also participated in various TV series such as: ‘A Marriage Full of Adventures’, ‘Sheriff 2’, ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’, ‘The Rich and the Poor’, ‘A Way Out’, ‘Full Stop, Next Line’, ‘Cops and Robbers’ and ‘Warm Breath’.

ifilm website wishes the popular actress a very happy birthday.