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Visadar Waterfall, third highest waterfall in Gilan Province

To get positive energies and relax in pristine nature, you must get out of the house, turn on your car and then drive to Visadar Waterfall.

Visardar Waterfall is the third highest waterfall in the Iranian province of Gilan, and one of the most charming in the country.

Located in 16 km from Pareh Sar District, in Rezvanshahr County, the dazzling gem amid the forests is a bucket list option among a numerous choices you might have once in the north of the country.

In Talesh language (a local language to Gilan), there is a word called Visadar, which means the shade of a willow tree. Due to this waterfall located in the heart of the willow forest, it is called as Visadar waterfall.

There is a metal footbridge in a higher terrain to connect two sides of the river together that watching the waterfall from the top of this bridge would be wonderful.

You can take a rest in magnificent jungles under the shadow of high trees and listen to the symphony of water and earth.

The best season to travel to Visadar is from early April to early November. This does not mean that you can’t go to this waterfall in winter. Visadar waterfall has its own unique beauties in winter, but in winter you must go with complete equipment.

Tourist attractions around Visadar Waterfall include Asiabega Waterfall and Gisum forest park. Another waterfall called Ovuyar Falls is also located below the Visadar Waterfall and is another natural attraction in the area.