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Iranian doc ‘Asak’ to compete at the 2021 Vienna fest

Iranian doc ‘Asak’ is to compete at the 2021 Int’l Documentary Film Festival Vienna in Austria.

Iran’s ‘Asak’ has been selected to compete at the 15th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Vienna (ethnocineca) in Austria.

Made by Mehdi Zamanpour-Kiasari, ‘Asak’ (small hand-mill in Persian language) is about the life of a blind 80-year-old man who lives in south of Iran.

He goes to the mountains and finds the rocks he needs by touching and tasting them, and earns a living by making and selling utensils.

He has been gifted with the knowledge of interpreting dreams and his strong daughter has a world of her own.

The film has attended several international festivals, including the 17th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in the US and the International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival in Turkey. The latter brought the director the best film award.

According to official website of the Ethnocineca, “it is the largest Austrian festival dedicated exclusively to documentary and ethnographic film.”

The fifteenth edition of the Ethnocineca is slated for May 6-13, 2021.

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