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2021 Fadjr Int’l Fashion & Clothing Festival in photos

The 2021 Fadjr Int’l Fashion & Clothing Festival presents Iranian outfits in rich colors and patterns.

The 10th edition of the Fadjr International Fashion & Clothing Festival has presented a rich collection of Iranian clothing.

The festival, hosting artists and fashion designers, is showcasing a diverse assortment of works representing their creativity and culture.

Iran is home to many ethnic groups that have their own cultures, traditions and outfits. The country is so rich in folk clothing that a thorough presentation needs months.

Almost all of Iran’s traditional outfits are created with vivid colors and eye-catching patterns. A swirl of a traditional Iranian skirt can throw the viewer into a heaven of colors.

The garments, the head covers and the beautiful accessories are indescribable. Though all the body and often the face of the women is covered, the outfits are not tasteless or boring.

The new generation of Iranian designers is eager to use traditional motifs and patterns in their works. They are trying to recover the vivid colors and floral patterns and mix them with modern fashion and clothing.

Photos of the 10th Fadjr International Fashion & Clothing Festival: