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Explore 7000-year-old handicraft of forest people in Iran

Seven-thousand-year-old handicraft of Iranian forest people is still alive.

Far from the hustle and bustle of cities, and in the heart of Iran’s Hyrcanian forests, there’s a cabin where ancient handicrafts are born.

The ancient Hyrcanian forest holds tight in its arms an Iranian intangible heritage called Laktarashi. Considered as the handicraft of forest people, it is the art of creating items from rough timber.

It is believed that the art of Laktarashi is seven thousand years old and fortunately there are still some skilled people who are creating the wooden items.

In the village of Vaz, located on the heights of Alborz Mountain, the knowledge of Laktarashi has been passed on from the father to son, and a few members of the village are masters of the art.

One of these masters, Mohammad-Reza Gelerd says his family has been in the business of Laktarashi for at least 400 years.

In March 2018, Laktarashi was registered in the list of Iranian intangible heritage and it is now recognized globally.