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Golden Globe’s HFPA under scrutiny amid no black members

The organization behind the 2021 Golden Globe Awards is under scrutiny amid lack of black members.

The organization behind the 2021 Golden Globe Awards has been under scrutiny amid the lack of black members.

The Los Angeles Times revealed that there are zero Black journalists among the 87 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

This comes as the nominations for this year’s Golden Globe Awards for film and television, which were announced earlier this month, sparked condemnation after films with primarily Black casts were omitted from the two best picture categories and the Black-led critically acclaimed TV series ‘I May Destroy You’, received no nomination.

The report also noted that the HFPA, which runs and votes on the annual Golden Globe Awards, is allowing its voters to receive lavish perks from the studios and networks, raising question about the ethics of the voters.

The Times added that the HFPA has also been paying its own members high fees for serving as officers and on various committees, citing tax experts as saying that this type of payment is not typical, especially for an organization that is tax-exempt.

The report comes about a week before the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards, which will take place on February 28.