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Iranian war drama ‘Dices’ launches international distribution

Iranian short film with Iraq-Iran war theme ‘Dices’ starts international distribution.

Iranian war short film ‘Dices’ has started international distribution following the end of its technical stage.

Directed by Kamiar Salehpour and co-produced by Saeed Mehdinia and Salehpour, the short film focuses on Iraq-Iran war.

Peyman Shahmohammadi, who is in charge of the film’s distribution, says about the subject of the piece, “In ‘Dices’ we cooperated with some professional and well-known cineastes; and this kept the film on the right track. On the other hand, the world needs movies on war and its consequences so that it can enter a new stage of peaceful negotiations. Today, our world needs peace more than ever”.

He emphasizes, “The main concern of ‘Dices’ is to spread the message of peace and altruism”.

The short is an effort to show the consequences of war which are visible in the society even if the war has come to an end.

A synopsis to the short reads, “A few years after the abrogation of Pahlavi dynasty in Iran, Iraq's eight years of imposed war on Iran ends. At this time, a commander and a man, who both back revolution, have to spend a night together. They face each other and show that the after-effects of war are still evident”.

The cast of the short includes Reza Jahani, Saeed Mehdinia and Somayeh Qahremani.