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'Iran, Turkey cinema give room to female directors'

Acclaimed Iranian female director Narges Abyar is likely to kick off a joint cinematic project in the Turkish cinema.

Acclaimed Iranian female director Narges Abyar has shown her eagerness to direct a joint movie in Turkish cinema.   

In a media interview with Turkey-based Anadolu Agency, the director said, “I want to have a joint project in the Turkish cinema. In recent years, Turkish cinema has also made good progress and I follow Turkish filmmakers’ works.

She considered Turkish and Iranian cinema more advanced than other neighboring countries, adding, “Women filmmakers have recently emerged in Afghanistan, but the movement is still young. We do not see a significant cinematic work from female directors in Pakistan as well. In the Middle East, Turkey and Iran have female directors working in cinema.

ifilm has aired three movies by the director that include ‘Track 13’, ‘Breath’ and   ‘When the Moon Was Full’. All these titles have received awards at national and international festivals.