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ifilm English TV to broadcast ‘A Cage to Fly’

Iranian series ‘A Cage to Fly’ is to be on the playlist of ifilm English TV from Friday.

Iranian series ‘A Cage to Fly’ has been scheduled to be on the playlist of the ifilm English TV Channel from Friday night.

Airing of the series, produced by Ardeshir Irannejad and directed by Yousef Seyyed-Mahdavi, will start on February 26, 2021.

‘A Cage to Fly’ portrays the life of a young man from the capital Tehran named Ehsan, who wants to marry the daughter of his sister’s neighbor in Khorramshahr, southern Iran.

As he travels from Tehran to Khorramshahr to visit his sister, he gets caught in the war and is taken hostage by the Iraqis.

Struggling to escape from captivity and go back home, he faces many problems.

Most notable among the cast members are Sorayya Qasemi, Anahita Hemmati, Habib Dehqan-Nasab, Amin Zendegani, Nafiseh Roshan, Shirin Bina, Majid Moshiri, Aliram Nouraee, Mir-Taher Mazloumi, Ardalan Shoja-Kaveh, Rahim Norouzi, and Houshang Tavakkoli.

‘A Cage to Fly’, made in 2010, and replacing the series ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’, will be broadcast daily at 23:00 GMT.

ifilm English will also repeat each episode of the series the following day at 05:00, 11:00 and 17:00. The series comes in 32 segments.

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