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Get to see Iran’s rainbow-colored mountains of Alagaghlar

Treat your eyes to Iran’s rainbow-colored mountains of Alagaghlar.

Iran’s rainbow-colored mountains of Alagaghlar are a treat to the eyes and seeing them a soul-lifting experience.

Should you drive on the road from Zanjan city to Mahneshan town, you will catch sight of the glorious colorful mountains of Mahneshan or Aladaghlar, of course in day light. In case you travel night time, you will miss this magnificent natural wonder.

The canvas-like heights with hues that vary from red, brown, green, orange, yellow and white are spread over a land of 70 square kilometers and the highest summit is named Belgheis being 3300 meters above the sea level.

Aladaghlar has had a great impact on the locals’ life during ages. The people of this region used to take benefit of this colorful soil to decorate their houses right around the spring and the Persian New Year holidays.

The mountains here owe their wondrous hues to the minerals that are found in plentitude here and every single color reflects the existence of a separate mineral. For instance, the green color indicates the carbonated copper.