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Iranian animation ‘Wet Mirror’ adapted from Attar’s poem

Iranian animation ‘Wet Mirror’ is made as a free adaptation from an Iranian old poem.

Amir-Houshang Moeen has directed the animation ‘Wet Mirror’ as a free adaptation from a poem written by well-known Persian poet Sheikh Attar Neishabouri.

The animation depicts the life of an old painter who falls in love with a young girl.

According to Moeen, the seven-minute animation has no dialogue and targets adult audience.

‘Wet Mirror’ is an adaptation of Attar’s poem Sheikh San'Aan. The sheikh is a highly devoted man who has discovered many spiritual secrets through a life of piety.

One day he has a dream in which he bows to an idol. The dream makes him go on a voyage that changes his life and he becomes a troubled lover who takes no advice.

Also produced by Moeen and written by Hajar Moradi, the animation is ready to be screened.