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Sonoma filmfest to screen ‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun’

The Sonoma Int’l filmfest in US is to host Iranian short ‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun’.

The Sonoma International Film Festival (SIFF) in the US is set to host Iranian short animation ‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun’.

Directed by Ziba arzhang, the short film will go on screen at the 24the edition of the American fest, which will be held online.

‘Sky Sun, Tile Sun’ is about a city painted on a tile that will undergo intense explosion and bombardment. Due to the incident, the sun will break into many pieces and the city gets dark.

The people will build a new sun together.

In the production of the flick, Arzhang has taken benefit of Iranian art manifested in the form of beautiful tile works.

Tourists who have already visited the country are familiar with such magnificent art works that have mostly decorated Iranian mosques or religious places.

The SIFF is a five-day non-profit event that aims to promote best independent films from around the world.

This year’s edition of the fest is slated for March 24-28.