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UNESCO celebrates 1,750th anniversary of Iranian university of Gundi-Shapur

The 1,750th anniversary of the University of Gundi-Shapur has been celebrated by UNESCO.

The 1,750th anniversary of the Iranian University of Gundi-Shapur, which has long been a major forum for science, has been celebrated by UNESCO.

Concurrent with the 3rd international congress on Gundi-Shapur, which was held recently, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azulay said in a written message, “Since its creation, this university, the intellectual capital of the Sassanid Empire, has been a major center for producing knowledge, a truly universal forum for science.”

The history of science in Gundi Shapur, which its origin dates far back in time, and its impact on the world were discussed in the two-day congress.

“This fundamental principle echoes the motto inscribed at the entrance of the University of Gundi-Shapur in Iran, 1,750 years ago: Science and knowledge, virtue and wisdom, are more important than force and sword,” Azulay said.

“Indeed, the university has played a crucial role in Iran’s historical excellence in science. In ancient times, Persia was a center for scientific achievement and a conduit of knowledge – from China and India in the East, to Greece and Rome in the West.”

Moreover, the general director of the UN body reminded that the Islamic Republic is one key partner of UNESCO in knowledge and science.

Gundi Shapur, also spelled as Jundi Shapur, which is located in Modern Dezful, southern Iran, was one of the world’s birthplaces of knowledge and wisdom, which is a source of national pride and enthusiasm for Iranians.

The city was the intellectual center of the Sassanid Empire (224–651) and the home of the Academy of Jundi Shapur University, which offered education and training in medicine, philosophy, theology, and science.