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Savaraneh ritual for Nowruz held in Sanandaj

Iranian Savaraneh ritual held in Sanandaj prior to Nowruz holidays in Iran.

A few days to Iranian New Year (Nowruz), People in Sanandaj holds Savaraneh ritual.

Iranian New Year (Nowruz) is just a few days away and people are getting prepared to welcome the spring and start a new year.

Iranians all over the country are making their Haftsins ready and holding amazing rituals to spread joy and happiness.

Though you can see Iranian culture as a whole and everybody is celebrating Nowruz, people in every corner of the country are presenting their own traditions. For Instance, Sanandaj, the capital city of Iranian province of Kordestan, held a ceremony called Savaraneh.

Organizers of Savaraneh bring special dolls to streets and present amazing performances to the people who gather to watch them.

Savaraneh ceremony is an effort to celebrate the role of horses in the life of man. It also presents a traditional dance that narrates the ups and downs that man have gone through to fight their enemies.