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China banns 2021 Oscars due to Hong Kong film nomination

China banns 2021 Oscars live coverage due to the nomination of a film on 2019 Hong Kong protests.

China has told local media not to broadcast 2021 Oscars due to the nomination of ‘Do Not Split’ by Norwegian journalist Anders Hammer.

Chinese films have registered and competed at Oscars from 1979 and the country is an important international market for American films.

But Chinese government condemned nomination of ‘Do Not Split’ that is a documentary on 2019 Hong Kong protests.

Hammer’s film was nominated for ‘documentary short subject’ category.

China’s other concern is the nomination of ‘Nomadland’ directed by Chloé Zhao. Though Zhao’s nomination at Oscars as the first woman of color sent a wave of joy into china, surfacing of an old interview faded the joy.

In the old interview, Zhao criticized china and the government took it as an insult.

Oscar nominations were announced recently and the winners will be revealed on 26 April.