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Iran's Jolfa County in photos

ifilm English Website publishes pictorial report of Iranian border county of Jolfa.

Jolfa County, located in northwest of Iran's East Azarbaijan Province and adjacent to the border line with the Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia, has been a popular tourist destination.

In the past, residents of Jolfa were experts in breeding silkworms and producing silk fabric. Jolfa means “weaver” and got its name from the profession of its people.

Here are some of the historical sites and appealing regions in the county that attract many tourists.


Khajeh Nazar Caravansarai (dates back to Safavid era)


Kouhestan Park (close to Aras River)


Saint Stepanos Monastery


Chapel of Chupan (dates back to Safavid era)


Memorial of three Iranian soldiers that defended Jolfa against Russian soldiers in the Second World War. They were buried where they were martyred.


One of the main handicrafts of the county is hand-woven carpets.


An iron bridge that is a rail connection between Iran and Azerbaijan


Natural beauties of Jolfa