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ifilm TV presents ‘Annunciation of Rain’

ifilm English TV presents new song ‘Annunciation of Rain’.

ifilm English TV has presented a new music video titled ‘Annunciation of Rain’ to the health defenders fighting against the coronavirus.

The vocal of the song has been performed by Mohammad Motamedi.

The music composition and lyrics of the song are by Emad Tohidi and Mohammad-Mehdi Sayyar, respectively.

The music video, directed by Ahmad-Reza Davari, has been presented to the health defenders and those who are working on production of coronavirus vaccine.

Here is an English translation of the song:

Send annunciation of rain to breaths of desert, dry vessel of trees, and tired night

Send fragrance of spring to heart of shivering bud, demand of winter, tension of street, and fever of restless soul

O’ my country, Iran, send your cure to tired heart of world, help it breathe freely

Pass the fires alone like Siavash, break fury of storm, O’ my country, Iran

Light up candle of prayer, God protects you, break claws of monsters, O’ my country, Iran

Garden of dream grows on your land every moment

I see sun of tomorrow in your eyes

My Iran, I kiss your flag adoringly

My Iran, scatter flowers around world adoringly

Your affection is in my heart, Iran

Your land is flower garden, Iran

Your eye is lit of annunciation, Iran

You are all beauty

If in any galaxy, if in other half of world, gem of knowledge is ours

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