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Wildlife expedition in north of Iran

Miankaleh peninsula is amazing to explore wildlife of north of Iran.

Iran’s north wildlife territory lies on the central Asian flyway which includes several important migration roots for water birds. The flyway provides an amazing opportunity to have the experience of bird watching.

There’s a long narrow peninsula, in the southeastern part of the Caspian Sea, called Miankaleh. It hosts various species of migratory birds.

Twice a year, during autumn and winter, the birds arrive in Miankaleh. It hosts more than 210 species of birds, from Greater Flamingoes to White-tailed eagles, migrating from Siberia.

Miankaleh, where many unique species native to the region can be found, is one of the richest ecological heavens in the west Asia and maybe the entire world.

It is also recognized as an international refuge for migratory birds and designated as an international wetland.

Iran’s government takes a lot of efforts to preserve the precious wetland and protect the migratory birds.