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Torqabeh Village, trip destination for all seasons

Iran’s Torqabeh Village is a trip destination for all seasons.

Travelers to Razavi Khorasan Province can make unforgettable memories at the picturesque village of Torqabeh.

Although this northeastern province is a popular travel destination for national and international visitors to spend spiritual moments at the mausoleum of eighth Shia Imam, Imam Reza (AS), there are yet many other experiences to gain.

A short drive away from the city of Mashhad on its south east wing will take the travelers to a green valley which is home to the touristy village of Torqabeh.

The valley is enclosed by the Binaloud mountain ranges and Takht-e Rostam mount from north and west.

During winter, the mountainous region is blanketed with snow which augments its beauty. As the snow melts during the warmer seasons, streams of water start running everywhere in the valley.

The pleasant weather and the mesmerizing greenery of the region have invited plenty of tourists throughout years. Therefore, a number of hotels have been constructed to make the valley more comfortable for the travelers to easily enjoy longer residence in the region.

After all, these are not the only reasons to visit the village. Several meat-based foods, including various types of Kebabs, are very compelling reasons to venture on a trip to Torqabeh and other cities in the province.