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ifilm English TV to air finale of ‘Zero Hour’

ifilm English TV is to air finale of ‘Zero Hour’ on Monday night.

ifilm English TV Channel has been set to air the final episode of the miniseries ‘Zero Hour’ on Monday night.

The final episode of the miniseries, produced by Hossein Aqaharandi and directed by Saeed Soltani, will be aired on March 29, 2021, at 18:00 GMT.

The series tells the story of Saam, a successful businessman, and Habib, a bankrupt man on the run.

On their way to the north of Iran, they get in a car crash that starts an unlikely friendship between the two which causes both of them to undergo changes as they come to realize the meaning of life.

The cast list of the series includes Negin Sedq-GouyaSiavash KheirabiAmin ZendeganiMaral FarjadFarahnaz Manafi-Zaher, and Elham Nami.

‘Zero Hour’, produced in 2015, will be replaced by ‘They Live in Stories’ made by Davoud Bidel.