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ifilm TV to start new series ‘They Live in Stories’

ifilm’s new series, ‘They Live in Stories’, is set to go on air starting from March 30, 2021.

ifilm’s new series, ‘They Live in Stories’, is scheduled to go on air starting from March 30, 2021.

Directed by Davoud Bidel, written by Mostafa Zandi, and produced by Mohammad-Hadi Parvin, the series is an episodic melodrama based on ethical and moral tales, taking place in modern-day Iranian society.

Each episode tells a different story in which the characters are put in situations where they face ethical dilemmas and have to turn to their innermost beliefs and values ranging from faith, sacrifice, forgiveness, and righteousness, to something as sweet and simple as expressing love for one's elders, in order to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The series cast list of ‘They Live in Stories’ includes the late Hassan Joharchi, Hamid Ebrahimi, Esmaeel Khalaj, Shahram Abdoli, Omid Zendegani, Farrokh Nemati, Amir-Mohammad Zand, Majid Vasheqani, the late Sediqeh Kianfar, Ramin Rastad, Shahrzad Kamalzadeh, Maryam Kaviani, Sepideh Khodaverdi, Afshin Sangchap, and the late Jamshid Mashayekhi.

‘They Live in Stories’, created in 2016, replaces ‘Zero Hour’ in ifilm playlist and goes on air daily at 18:00 GMT.

ifilm English TV will also repeat each episode of ‘They Live in Stories’ the next day at 00:00, 09:00 and 15:00 (air times all GMT). The series is comprised of 10 episodes.

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