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Let’s catch award-winning Iranian animation

ifilm website exclusively presents the award-winning Iranian short film ‘All The Winters I Haven't Seen’.

ifilm website exclusively presents to the audience award-winning Iranian short film ‘All The Winters I Haven't Seen’.

Some of the best Iranian short films are reviewed in an ifilm program titled ‘Short Cinema’.

In the attached video, you can watch an exclusive cut showing the short animated film  ‘All The Winters I Haven't Seen’ by Omid Khoshnazar.

“After several tests, a three-month pregnant young woman finds out that her baby is at the risk of an unknown poisonous chemical gas infection and the child might be born mentally or physically handicapped,” a synopsis for the short reads.

The film is themed on some consequences of a tragic event during the Iraq-Iran war leading to the loss of lives after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein attacked the Kurdish town of Halabja with poison gas.

The pregnant woman in the film should decide between raising a disabled child and not being able to have any more babies in case of having an abortion.

‘All The Winters I Haven't Seen’ has gained several awards at national animation events. The short won the Best Animated Short Film award at the 2014 Religion Today Film Festival in Italy.