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Iranians celebrate Nature Day + photos

National Nature Day in Iran was held on Friday.

Iranians have celebrated National Nature Day, known as ‘Sizdah Be-dar’, on Friday to bid farewell to the Nowruz holidays.

On the last day of the almost-2-week celebration of Nowruz, Iranian people go outdoors to celebrate the end of the holidays as well as National Nature Day.

Many people around the world mark the 13th day of the Persian New Year, leaving their houses to picnic in parks and the countryside.

On the eve of ‘Sizdah Be-dar’, some choose parks, some go to the countryside and others come together in a garden to celebrate the day. Usually, several families gather to spend the day together.

Some of the most popular traditions in celebrating National Nature Day are playing different games, having kebab and potage, as well as eating lettuce with oxymel.

However, the tradition was somehow limited this year due to the restrictions considered for the coronavirus pandemic

Here are some photos of the people celebrating National Nature Day or ‘Sizdah Be-dar’ in different Iranian cities.