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Who is great Muslim philosopher in ‘Lighter than Darkness’

Onscreen ifilm series 'Lighter than Darkness' tells the story of Sadr Edin Mohammad Shirazi, known as Molla Sadra.

Onscreen ifilm series ‘Lighter than Darkness’ is themed on Molla Sadra, one of the most influential philosophers in the Muslim world and across the globe.   

The philosopher was arguably the first to introduce the concept of Existentialism and the freedom of the will or making choices that are determined by natural causality.

In other words, he proposed his viewpoint through the eastern lens with an emphasis on the Islamic school of thought. Another fundamental concept of his philosophy is named “Substantial Motion” that indicates change as an all-pervasive reality flowing in the entire cosmos.

He also sets out a logical proof for God as a being beyond all perfection and thus He exists.

Having a holistic approach to philosophical inquiry, his understanding of the pursuit of wisdom included scriptural hermeneutics and exegesis as well as theological reasoning. Molla Sadra's ontology is an important philosophical turn and contribution to the understanding of the development of Muslim philosophy and thought.

Even though he was persecuted for his new philosophical insight, he never gave up on his passion to search for the truth.

Every year, seminars are held in Iran and abroad to commemorate the Muslim scholar for his seminal works in philosophy.

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