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ifilm TV to start airing ‘Flat Tire’

ifilm’s new series ‘Flat Tire’ is to go on air from Friday night.

ifilm’s new series ‘Flat Tire’ has been scheduled to go on air from April 9, 2021.

The series, produced by Mehran Maham and directed by Borzou Niknejad, is a comedy about a young man named Hamid who has done everything he possibly can in order to marry the woman he loves.

However, things change when he faces a series of unfortunate events and does his best to keep his family and relatives at bay.

The cast list of the series includes Shahin Taslimi, Yousef Teymouri, Ashkan Eshtiaq, Reza Davoudnejad, Zohreh Fakour-Sabour, Shohreh Soltani, Hamid Lolaee, Maryam Saadat, Solmaz Ghani, and Mehran Ghafourian.

‘Flat Tire’, made in 2017, is scheduled to replace the series ‘Medical Building’, and goes on daily at 20:00 GMT.

ifilm English will also repeat each episode of the drama the next day at 01:00, 07:00, 12:00 (all GMT times). The series is comprised of 42 episodes.

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