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Get to know Iran 20-meter Toqrol Tower

The 20-meter Toqrol Tower in the ancient city of Ray is an amazing site to visit.

Iran is home to numerous historical sites that have been of great interest to tourists and travelers. Here we are intending to take you to a tour to Toqrol Tower in Ray city.

The city of Ray, a fairly small city in Tehran, embraces amazing Toqrol Tower. Ray was considered one of the major cities in the past and has been mentioned in many old texts and scriptures including Avesta religious text and Bisotun inscription.  

The city was of high importance so that the great French traveler Jean Chardin described it as “the bride of the world”.

Ray was also the home of Tughril Beg, the founder of Seljuk Empire. So building such a monument as Toqrol Tower in Ray is not a surprise.

Though there is not reliable information about the reasons behind the construction of the tower, some say the tower is in fact the burial site of Tughril but others believe that Tughril’s interest in astronomy made him to build such monument.

The tower is located in the middle of a yard filled with lively trees and plants. Approaching the tower from the main entrance and looking at it to the top, one can see a sleeping lion.

Built over 900 years ago, it has a special cemetery and the used material is brick.

The tower is 20 meters high and it’s a blessing that it hasn’t been destroyed by Ray’s earthquakes.

Standing in the heart of the tower, you can see sky above your head. Researchers speculate that in the past the tower had a dome that was damaged over time.