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‘Thousands of Eyes’ actor Mohsen Qazi-Moradi dies

‘Thousands of Eyes’ actor Mohsen Qazi-Moradi passes away.

‘Thousands of Eyes’ actor Mohsen Qazi-Moradi has passed away, just a few months shy of his 80th birthday.

The film and television actor died on Wednesday of complications from Parkinson's disease, his family said.

Qazi-Moradi made his film debut with ‘Hassan Siyah’ in 1973.

You may know him for his role in the series ‘Neighbors’, ‘Thousands of Eyes’, and ‘Four Wheels’, which were aired on ifilm English TV Channel.

He took part in other shows such as ‘Days of Youth’, ‘Let the Sun Rise’, ‘The Magic Coat’, ‘Passion for the Years of War’, ‘Detective Shamsi and the Madam’, ‘Bitter Sugar’, ‘Registry Number 13’, ‘This New Year’, ‘My Villa’, ‘Suitcase’, and ‘Seven Stones’.

Qazi-Moradi also appeared in a number of movies, including ‘Avinar’, ‘Ghazal’, ‘Barani’, ‘The Visitor of Rey’, ‘Killing Dogs’, ‘Under the City's Skin’, ‘How to Kill Love’, ‘Breakfast for Two’, ‘We Are All Good´, ‘Spaghetti in 8 Minutes’, ‘Intersection’, ‘Hello Mother-In-Law’, ‘Rules of the Game’, ‘Souvenir From Abroad’, ‘Unfaithful’, ‘Leila's Sleep’, ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’, ‘Adam's Son, Eve's Daughter’, ‘Milk and Honey´, and ‘Red Light’.

His wife Mahvash Vaqari is also a veteran Iranian actress.