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Iran’s ‘Venice’, a lesser-known, must-see destination

Let’s explore the Iranian village of Sarakhyeh, known as Iran’s Venice.

There is going to be hardly anyone who has never heard of Italy's Venice, the stunning city on the water, with rivers instead of alleys; but, it is hard to find anyone who has heard of the Iranian village of Sarakhyeh, known as Iran’s Venice.

Located in the middle of Shadegan wetland in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, Sarakhyeh is a top destination hub for the wetland's tourists, who also want to witness slices of southern Iranian customs and traditions.

To pass through the village, the Arabic-speaking inhabitants and visitors need to use a kind of wooden boat, known as Balam. The visitors also could rent boats to wander around the wetland and enjoy its natural beauties.

Sheltering different species of native and migratory birds, the village and its surrounding areas are a haven for birdwatchers. Furthermore, it is home to buffalo herds, which are captivating for nature lovers.   

The best season to visit the village is in winter when the weather is cool and mild. Tourists could also try swimming in the wetland while visiting the village.

Lying at the head of the Persian Gulf and bordering Iraq on the west, Khuzestan is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites of Susa, Chogha Zanbil, and Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System. Yet, it is a region of raw beauty where its visitors could spend weeks exploring. The province is also a cradle for handicrafts and arts whose crafters inherited from their preceding generations.