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Caring wife of late actor Qazi-Moradi under spotlight + Photos

Iranian actress Mahvash Vaqari comes under spotlight after the death of her ailing husband, veteran actor Mohsen Qazi-Moradi

Iranian actress Mahvash Vaqari has come under spotlight after the death of her husband, veteran actor Mohsen Qazi-Moradi, whom she has taken care of since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.       

Love nestled deep in the hearts of Vaqari and Qazi-Moradi when they were colleagues at the Ministry of Education before turning into acting, and that love made their marriage last more than 40 years despite all difficulties. 

The couple never had children as they lost their two babies, but that never affected their relationship.

Their life has entered a critical stage when Qazi-Moradi was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about 20 years ago and lost the ability to walk and speak properly.

However, Vaqari did not leave her good friend and spouse during his illness alone and began taking care of him, choosing to be a 24-hour nurse besides her beloved one.

Their union is famous as an iconic love story, but Qazi-Moradi’s death did them apart on Wednesday.

Qazi-Moradi was laid to rest on Friday morning.

“We didn’t agree on this…,” Vaqari said in an emotional social media post, addressing her spouse after his passing.

Condolences poured in after the news of Qazi-Moradi’s death circulated, with many artists and filmmakers expressing sadness over the loss of the veteran actor and sympathy to the devoted wife.

Iranian female director Pouran Derakhshandeh offered condolences to Vaqari, saying “Dear Mahvash, you gave meaning to love. You stayed and took care [of Qazi-Moradi] with love till the last moment. Consider me a partner in your big sorrow.”