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Can fasting lead to contracting COVID-19?

Can fasting lead to contracting COVID-19?

This is the second year that Muslims around the world must fast during the pandemic. This fact has raised the question of whether fasting can increase the risk of coming down with the coronavirus or not.

This article tries to answer this public inquiry.

How fasting favors Immune system?

Some nutritionists believe that fasting can boost one’s immune system to work more efficiently. The reason behind their claim is that taking fewer calories can lead to a better immune system. Some studies show that taking high amounts of calorie intake can reduce life expectancy of individual and also reduce their immune system functionality, as the body utilizes lots of energy to digest and circle these extra taken nutrients.

Fasting will lower the intake of calories which consequently will give a boost to people’s immune system.

What edibles to take and not to take during this month?

While fasting can be good for body’s defense mechanism, not taking enough food with notable ingredients during this month can lead to general weakness in body that can increase the chances of falling sick with the coronavirus.

That being the case, you should know that some foods are essential to have in the meals you take. You should have more fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits to get enough nutrients and save water in the body. Besides, most of your foods must have grains. Don’t forget to have dairy and protein supplies such as red and white meat, etc.

However, you should stop taking lots of sugary foods that are not generally good for you.

What is the leader’s view on fasting during the pandemic?

According to, in conditions that “they are mature, wise, able, not inconscient, not travelers, she is not experiencing menstruation and it is not harmful/ unbearably hard to fast,” all individuals are obliged to fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

The leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei has responded to the public inquiry whether people should fast during the pandemic and stated that fasting is compulsory and not abiding by the rules of Islam on this concept is not accepted. An individual can only not fast when it will cause him fall sick or their illness aggravates. Then, that person must make up the lost later as they get better.  

Can Covid-19 patients fast?

A number of physicians believe that Covid-19 positive patients should not fast, as this is a novel ailment and it is not clear how the virus acts in every individual. Besides, in case of all infectious diseases, coronavirus included, the ailing patients must consume more beverages; therefore, such people should not fast till they completely recuperate. 

Can all age groups fast?

All the mature people are obligated to fast unless they have some health problems.