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Do you know Greek Ship tale on Kish Island?

An attraction of Iran’s Kish Island is Greek Ship, attracting many enthusiasts every year.

Sometimes an object becomes the source of imaginations and creates tales that take us to a world of mystery and amazement.

Imagine yourself sitting on the warm sands of Iran’s Kish Island, mesmerized with the brilliant red and orange sunset of the Persian Gulf. Does the wreckage of a huge ship left in the scene trigger your mind’s eye?

Do you think of the ship as stolen by pirates or fairies or just hit by some natural disasters? There have been a lot of speculations about the wreckage of a Greek Ship beached on the Coast of Kish Island for more than half a century; lets learn what the real story behind this long stay is.

The Island is a popular destination for tourists and travelers from Iran and other countries around the world. One of the attractions of the place is the very ship that is also known as Persian Cyrus.

Built in 1943 in Glasgow port of Scotland, the ship originally belonged to the England’s Ministry of War Transport. The ship had many owners from Iran, Greek and the UK and every time one took possession of the ship, they gave it a new name.

Some of the names given to the ship are Empire Trumpet, Naturalist, Persian Cyrus and Hamadan.

After 23 years of sailing the seas and going on numerous journeys, it was beached on Kish Island Coast in 1966.

The last owners of the ship were Greeks but an English company was responsible for its management. No one knows why the ship was aground but some believe that the ship was intentionally stuck in mud so that the English company could claim insurance.

The Greek owners of the ship tried to refloat it but the efforts were fruitless and it remained there ever since.

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