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Iranian village, home to Hawksbill sea turtle

Iranian village of Shibderaz in Hormozgan Province is home to endangered Hawksbill sea turtle.

Travelling to the southern parts of Iran, one can enjoy the clear crystal beaches, the colorful customs, the rich culture, and of course the company of warm-hearted people.

Beside all these beauties, visiting Shibderaz Village in Hormozgan Province would be an amazing opportunity to see one of the world’s endangered turtles.

Provided that going there at the end of winter, the travelers can see the mother turtles laying 60 to 160 eggs.

Two month later the eggs hatch and the hatchlings start their journey to the sea.

The 80-centimeter Hawksbill sea turtle has a curved beak like eagles’; so, it can have sea sponges.

This turtle that has a longer history on earth than human beings and has been successful in adapting itself to various changes in environment is now unfortunately considered as one of the endangered species.

Around 20 years ago, people of the Shibderaz Village with the consultant of environment activists started protecting the species and they could make a safe place for the turtles.

Now Shibderaz has a wonderful site in which turtles can breed safely. People from different parts of Iran and also travelers from other countries come to visit the turtles.