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Visan Lake gift of deadly earthquake to nature

Get to see the Visan Lake, the result of an earthquake in Iranian province of Gilan.

Get to explore the Visan Lake, the result of an earthquake in Iranian province of Gilan.

In case you are not disappointed by the hardships of travelling in the nature and look for taking untrodden paths, take this trip with us to the Visan Lake (AKA Barreh Sar Lake).

The formation of the lake:

A catastrophic earthquake that claimed the lives of many locals in the cities of Roudbar and Manjil gave the nature of this region a magnificently beautiful gift. The Visan Lake was the result of 1990 earthquake in Gilan province of Iran.

Tough path to mesmerizing heaven

To get to the amazing foggy lake, you will take its surrounding forest tracks that are embraced by tall beech trees. The path is not an easy one to travel through and that is what makes the lake a less visited site. Therefore, the amazing nature around the lake is mostly untouched and uncontaminated.

Where does lake’s water come from?

The lake gets its water from the little streams that flow to it and also from the groundwater that lie underneath its bed.

When to visit the lake:

As the lake is always full of water, it could be visited through all seasons; however, during the warmer seasons of spring and summer it reaches its utmost beauty. This time the vegetations around the lake are dense and also the warm temperature makes the lake water to evaporate and create an indescribably beautiful scene.